Chapter 47: Drasius vs Bird

[White “Drasius”]
[Black “Bird”]
[Result “1-0”]

1.b3 e5 2.c3 d5 3.d3 Be7 4.Bb2 Nf6 5.Qc2 O-O 6.Nd2 Nc6 7.h3 a5 8.a3 e4 9.e3 a4 10.b4 Be6 11.d4 Bd6 12.O-O-O Re8 13.c4 dxc4
14.Nxc4 Bxb4 15.axb4 Nxb4 16.Qd2 Nd3+ 17.Bxd3 exd3 18.Qxd3 Qd5 19.Ne5 a3 20.Ba1 c5 21.dxc5 Qxc5+ 22.Kd2 Rad8 23.Bd4 Ne4+ 24.Qxe4
Qb4+ 25.Ke2 Bc4+ 26.Rd3 Qb1 27.Qf5 g6 28.Qf4 Bxd3+ 29.Nxd3 Qc2+ 30.Kf3 Qd1+ 31.Ne2 Qxh1 32.Ne5 f5 33.Nxg6 hxg6 34.Qh6 Kf7
35.Qg7+ Ke6 36.Nf4+ Kd6 37.Qxg6+ Kd7 38.Qxf5+ Kc7 39.Qc5+ Kd7 40.Qc2 a2 41.Bb6 Rxe3+ 42.Kxe3 Qe1+ 43.Kf3 a1=Q 44.Qc7+ Ke8
45.Qxd8+ Kf7 46.Qd5+ Ke8 47.Qh5+ Kf8 48.Ng6+ Kf7 49.Ne5+ Ke6 50.Qe8+ Kd5 51.Qd7+ Kxe5 52.Bd4+ Qxd4 53.Qe8+ Kd5 54.Qxe1 Qf6+
55.Kg3 Qg7+ 56.Kh2 b5 57.Qb4 Qc7+ 58.g3 Qc4 59.Qd2+ Qd4 60.Qa2+ Qc4 61.Qa8+ Qc6 62.Qf8 Qb6 63.h4 b4 64.h5 b3 65.h6 Qg6 66.Qg7
Qf5 67.Qg8+ Kc5 68.Qxb3 Qh5+ 69.Kg2 Qxh6 70.Qe3+ Qxe3 71.fxe3 Kd6 72.e4 Ke7 73.g4 Kf8 74.e5 Ke7 75.g5 Kf8 76.Kh3 Ke7 77.g6 Ke6
78.Kg4 Ke7 79.Kf5 Ke8 80.e6 Kf8 81.Kf6 Ke8 82.e7 Kd7 83.g7 Kc6 84.e8=Q+ Kb7 85.g8=Q Kb6 86.Qa4 Kc7 87.Qb5 Kd6 88.Qg3# 1-0

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