Photonovel, European Kiss

European Kiss



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Chapter 1

Breizhlander Dómine visits the house of the Córdova family, and he is received by Felisa Córdova.

Chapter 2

Salvatore Liggio, Jonathan Menorti and Oscar Menorti think about the direction of their lives

Chapter 3

Jonathan Menorti and Oscar Menorti meet Samanta Córdova.

Chapter 4

Pier Dómine looks for his older brother, Breizhlander, because he wants his help to make a woman fall in love.

Chapter 5

Mr. Córdova, Felisa’s father, visits Breizhlander to ask him forgiveness.

Chapter 6

Memories of Mr. Córdova and Mrs. Córdova reveal the undeserved hatred towards Breizhlander.

Chapter 7

Breizhlander Historian, Mercier Engineer and Favre Architect meet to carry out their respective theses.

Chapter 8

Roque Zuloaga and his friends are enemies of Pier Dómine.

Chapter 9

Ada visits her cousin Felisa Córdova, who is dressed as a bride.

Chapter 10

Salvatore Liggio wants to fulfill his motherʼs desire, and looks for Breizhlander Dómine for that.

Chapter 11

Pier Dómine is taken to the house of Salvatore Liggio as a hostage. Pier plays the piano and begins to remember the romantic moments with Felisa Córdova.

Chapter 12

Felisa Cordova has decided to marry Roque Zuloaga.

Chapter 13

Breizhlander Dómine and Oscar Menorti become friends; and they decide to go and look for Felisa to stop her wedding.

Chapter 14

Breizhlander Dómine and Oscar Menorti meet Samanta Córdova.

Chapter 15

Breizhlander Dómine becomes the new Boss of the Italian Mafia, and he begins to plan his revenge against the Córdova family.

Chapter 16

Breizhlander Dómine disguises himself as a clown to deceive Samanta Córdova. Through deception, Jonathan Menorti is challenged by Samanta Córdova to a duel of bow and arrow.

Chapter 17

Breizhlander Dómine challenges Roque Zuloaga. The evidence that incriminates Roque in the bankruptcy of the Dómine Bank is at stake. The Zuloaga-Córdova marriage is lost.

Chapter 18

Samanta Córdova meets with Breizhlander Dómine to talk about the events that have taken place in her family and ask him to be her lover.

Chapter 19

Breizhlander Dómine and his brother Pier meet to discuss their past, present and future.

Chapter 20

The Final Chapter, Breizhlander’s story comes to an end. The secrets of the Córdova family are exposed. A secret love that turned into a passionate hatred.